Listen Community Services

Volunteer Opportunities

Listen Volunteers build a healthy community through the giving of time, experience and wisdom.
In 2013, more than 600 community members volunteered 15,000 hours of their time.

luncheon_08_team_web.jpgCommunity Dinner Cook Team

Home cooking at its finest.

Listen Community Dinners are always recruiting substitute Cook Teams. If you are a member of a business, church, social organization or are just a group of friends, a Community Dinner Cook Team is a rewarding way to build fellowship and serve the community at the same time.

In our new facility, Listen dinners serve approximately 90 guests per evening. Listen will help coordinate the menu, provide the food for the meal and set up and break down the hall. The Food Program Coordinator is on-site to offer guidance and support.

 I love volunteering for a Community Dinner. It's my way of saying "Thank you" for all of the gifts in my life.  

Food! Food! Food!

People are hungry and Upper Valley members ensure they are fed. Volunteer to organize a Food Drive or give your time to help stock shelves and pack emergency food bags.

 I enjoy volunteering in Listen's Food Pantry because I know that I am making an impact. The newly renovated space is wonderful to work in. I am always welcome and it fits perfectly in my schedule.  

Holiday Baskets Program

holiday_baskets.jpgSpread the joy of the holiday spirit.

A cherished holiday tradition of the Upper Valley, Holiday Baskets provide warm clothing, gift items, and a food certificate for children and seniors. Sponsor a family or spend a day assembling gift baskets.

 Holiday Baskets is my favorite Listen program. What greater gift than to pick out something special for someone I may never meet. I sponsor a family every year!  

The Junction, Life Skills Center

Make a connection. Change a life.

Every child is born with an ability to succeed. That ability needs to be nurtured. Form a friendship that will change a life. So many of today's children have unmet needs. Share your time, wisdom and experience with someone young. Background checks are required. Listen counselors provide training and support.

 When I spend time working with a teen, I don't look for anything in return... And yet what I get back... is immeasurable.  

Thrift Stores

Good Times and Good Work!

Listen Thrift Stores are the culmination of the depth of understanding and generosity that exists in the Upper Valley. Volunteers assist customers and donors, price donations, and straighten up merchandise. Listen Thrift Stores in Lebanon, Canaan, and WRJ are the financial foundation for the agency.

 Listen Thrift Stores are fun and lively! There's so much to do and the people are the greatest.  

Mandated Service Opportunities

Reparation and Restitution

The Mandatory Service Program provides opportunities for court required community service hours. Depending on the offense, mandatory service participants are limited in the scope of service tasks and the responsibilities assigned. Listen staff supervise and support participants, establishing essential community connections.

If you are interested to be of service through one of Listen's Volunteer Opportunities, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
for more information.
 We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. We can do no great things, only small things with great love. —Mother Theresa 


Community in Action

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