Finding a Human Connection

The importance of human connection is essential, especially at times when we feel scared and isolated. Last week, LISTEN's staff received a call from a recent widow who had not spoken with another person in a very long time. She was unable to pay her monthly lot rent to stay in her mobile home community and she was worried for her ability to care for herself. Because of the financial contributions we have received from our community over recent weeks -- from you and your neighbors -- LISTEN was able be there for her. Your kindness means we could provide her with an immediate financial safety net so that she could stay in her home and also share the caring support of one of our service coordinators during her time of need.

The cost of child care for essential workers is becoming more of a burden every day now. Our service coordinators recently worked with a single mom of three in Lebanon who is facing an additional monthly expense of $600 because her oldest child is no longer in a school setting during the day.

If you are facing this challenge, please give LISTEN a call and we can help you walk through available options. You can also learn more at:

Struggling with child care


Kindness. It costs nothing but it means everything.

Can we tell you about one special lady who came to LISTEN's food pantry? This is Susan. Susan recently came by to pick up food for her family. When she saw our truck unloading deliveries of supplies for the pantry from the New Hampshire Food Bank, she gave up her spot in line to help our staff and volunteers. Kudos to Susan and everyone across our community who are pitching in!

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